Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Filled With Joy.

The past couple of days have been nothing but joyful. Jesus has taught me so much. The power of prayer, trusting the Lord, looking at the world with eye like Jesus. I have been blown away with what He has shown me, but I'll just tell you about the one that has been so dear to my heart.

Recently, I've had a friend come back into my life and I couldn't love life more. This person wasn't living entirely by God's Word but now has made a total transformation. And the thing that really blew my socks off is that God has been telling me to pray for this person for a longggg time now. Prayer for what they struggle with, what they need improvement on, encouragement, safety, and ultimately for them to see God's love surround them. I had no idea what God had in store for this person but He showed me the incredible power that prayers like mine would have on a person's life. When this person came to me, I was definitely surprised but so overwhelmed with joy. I could barely contain myself!

Even just with this relationship strengthened with this person, I have grown remarkedably! It has made me realize just how much Jesus hasn't been in my daily conversations and thoughts everyday. I just thought doing all the "right" things would be good enough, but it's not. I've learned that investing in His people is truly what He longs from me to do. Just listening to others' struggles, strengthes, and thoughts have blessed my heart more than I can explain right here. It's just something I will forever treasure.

From then, things have just gotten so much more intimate with my Creator! I hear Him speaking. I see what He wants me to see. I say what He wants me to say. Not to mention, D*Now is in THREE days and He has been preparing my heart more than ever! Wow! Just thinking of it all now. This beautiful picture He created brings tears of joy to my eyes.

I am just truly blessed to have this person in my life again. I seriously thank God for so many people in my life everyday and now I add one more person. God really revealed Himself to me through this person in an indescribable way. As much as this person has been brought back to life in Jesus, this person helped me grow as well. Thank you Jesus for your mighty blessings and gracious love all my days!

I just have one thing to end with: Don't stop giving glory to God! With everything we go through in this world, it's easy to get distracted and forget to give thanks to Him for really everything. But He will give you strength if you just ask. It all begins with PRAYER. Trust me, just from this past week...  PRAYER IS POWERFUL!

Monday, February 7, 2011

All the glory to Him, Not me.

Wow. I am really speechless at the moment. Somehow I stumbled upon the Facebook page of Kate Davis and was blown away. I had heard of her before from a close friend but never really gave her much thought to look up. Let me just tell you, GO LOOK HER UP NOW. Just her photos alone are so humbling. She is 20 years old and has.. wait for it... 14 daughters! Amazing right? Glory be to God for her and her daughters! Her story is so beautiful and inspiring. I encourage you read up on her. You won't be disappointed.

From her story, I started thinking about my own life. How have I contributed to this world and His plan for my life? All in all or just lately? I was kind of scared to answer that question to be honest. I like to think that I "do everything right" and "listen to everything God is saying to me", but in all reality, am I being honest with myself? Or with God?

Answer: No.

Ouch. That really hurts to even type. But its the harsh, brutal truth. As you imagine it hurting me, how much more this truth hurts my loving, never-failing Father. I look and admire Katie's beautiful life. I say I want that love she has and gives to everyone who is in her presence. Yet, I don't realize that that love is God's love. And it's right in front of me. I don't know about you, but I know I lose the sight and truth of that more often than I want to admit.

This summer. I use to think that God had amazing plans for me to go on a huge mission trip with my friend and really blow my socks off. But I realize in church Sunday, it's not all about me. Even the first song many of us Christians learned as a child "Jesus Loves Me" is all about who?... Me. And I understand that for His plans to happen and work, I have to contribute and participate but not the center of the equation. So for this summer, I still don't know what God has in store for His plan for my life. But I know that I have to contribute by praying, trusting, and believing He will take care of it all. I can't just sit back and wait for Him to throw it all in my lap though.

Until then, I am changing my focus back to Him. Just to think of the stupid, petty things I've been worrying and stressing over lately.. It really is pathetic. I know right now He is not pleased with any of it. So here I am making a goal to be determined to pray and contribute to this plan He has for me.

I ask of you now to help me. Help me stay accountable to Him and His plans, not mine. Because I want all the glory to be unto HIM, not me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bug & the Dust.

Let's just break the ice.
I compare ordinary, and often petty, occurrences to life and/or my walk with Jesus.
Okay, so I just watched a bug try to fly away with a wad of dust attached to its tail. As silly as it was for a few seconds of my life, it was heartbreaking. The bug resembled a Christian's battle with sin. (The bug being a Christian. The dust being sin.) As much as the bug tried and tried to free itself, the dust still had a strong enough hold to keep it on the ground. Just like us, sin will keep its hold on you as long as you let it. But because of Jesus, He can release us of our sins. That way we can fly far, far away to be with our heavenly Father some day. 
(Didn't mean to rhyme.)
Just a random reminder to continue to giving Jesus all the glory. Forever and ever.